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UMA-RIA has the privilege of being the youngest artist ever to have been nominated for the Best Singer award at Sarasaviya Film Awards, which is Sri Lanka’s premier film awards ceremony. She was able accomplished this feat not only once but twice in a row, in 2007 and 2008. Further along the road in 2010, UMA-RIA competed at the ‘Asia New Singer Competition’ in Beijing as the sole

participant from Sri Lanka and won the silver award among fierce competition.UMA-RIA considers many artists from a wide range of genres as her influences and states that she grew up listening to artists such as Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra,Englebert Humperdinck ,Michael Jackson,Stevie Wonder,Diana Ross,Earth Wind and Fire,The Eagles among many others.

Using her background in western music as a background and her achievement and success as motivators, UMA-RIA is planning to take Sri Lankan music to greater heights by reaching out to the international arena with her unique style and her spectacular vocal range.

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UMA-RIA has been involved with Pop music from the very beginning of her career and as a result, she understands the needs of people when producing pop music and puts out nothing but the best and catchiest of tunes that continue to please multitudes of people.


The talent, the look, the attitude, and the style are needed to succeed in RnB and no one has more talent, better looks, the right attitude and the right look more than UMA-RIA. She has rocked local and international audiences with her RnB music and she has come back crowd to wow us and leave us screaming for more


Being a genre that not everyone can understand, it takes an artist of a certain caliber to grasp the soul of jazz music and as such, to pour their heart into it and create music that will move those who hear it. Artists of this caliber do not come along very often and we’re lucky to have UMA-RIA who not only understands Jazz, but performs it with such a passion that moves the heavens themselves.


Having being brought in with a family with an extensive background in music, UMA-RIA has been trained in classical music from a young age and describes classical music as her first love. Being able to understand the intricacies and complexities of classical music instinctively, she performs with unbridled passion and is quite a sight to see.

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